Mission & Vision

A Mission Charged by Passion

To deliver exceptional results for our government customers, employees, and community driven by a single value: Integrity.

A Vision to Achieve Excellence

To become recognized nationally as not only an industry leader in acquisition and program management but also to set ourselves apart as a company that accomplishes greatness without compromising its values.

Core Values

A focus group of employees collaborated to develop the Integrity Core Values and defining principles. These exemplify their approach to work every day and the type of company they are proud to be part of.

  • Integrity
    • Embody trust, honesty, and respect at all times
    • Act with absolute integrity in all of our business dealings
    • Be fully accountable to our clients, community, and employees
  • Passion
    • Love our work and the impact that we make
    • Exemplify an entrepreneurial and collegial spirit
    • Drive client mission success through unwavering commitment
    • Pursue all work with tenacity and never give up
  • Excellence
    • Lead with new ideas and approaches
    • Adapt to changing client needs in an agile and responsive manner
    • Exceed client expectations and anticipate client requirements
    • Demonstrate an exceptional work ethic; commitment to go ‘above and beyond’ what is required
  • Stewardship
    • Operate in a cost effective and profitable manner that increases value
    • Commit to professional growth and continuous development
    • Care for our community in impactful and enduring ways