Navy SeaPort-e Prime

  1. Point of Contact for SeaPort-e Program Management and Customer Satisfaction:

    Karl Satterwhite – Director, Defense and Homeland Security
    Integrity Management Consulting, Inc.
    7900 Westpark Drive, Suite A470
    Tysons, VA 22102
    703-349-3394 x1023

  2. Subcontractor Team Members and Capabilities:

    • ARServices, Ltd., an 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business, offers a broad range of consulting services that support business and operational objectives of many Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal agencies.

    • Bounds Associates, LLC is a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) specializing in acquisition, financial, and program management

    • Deloitte Consulting, LLP With offices in 140 countries and more than 170,000 consulting and advisory professionals, Deloitte Consulting, LLP (Deloitte) provides global experience and local knowledge to help clients focus on the big picture and succeed in any business environment. Leveraging its global capabilities, Deloitte currently provides DoD Acquisition, Strategy, Human Capital, Technology and Data Analytics and Decision Making support to key NAVAIR clients across all Program Executive Offices (PEOs) and primary competencies. Deloitte has delivered solutions to the NAVAIR community since 1995.

    • OpenTechWorks Inc. brings the experience and expertise to navigate the complexities of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), specifically for past NAVAIR requirements.

    • Risk Mitigation Government Services, Inc.
      RMGS Capabilities include

      • Special Operations Force Training and Operational Support
      • Exercise Design, Development, Coordination, and Execution Support
      • Requirements Development, Operational Test and Evaluation, Acquisition, Logistical and Program Management Services, Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution Support
      • Client-Site Technical Support Services
      • Counter-proliferation, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE), and Emergency Management Support

    • Tecolote Research, Inc.,(Tecolote) founded in 1973, is an employee-owned corporation specializing in providing cost estimating, financial analysis, schedule management, and risk analyses on large-scale Federal Government programs the. Tecolote has provided cost estimating, EVM, and scheduling support to NAVAIR-4.2 continuously since 1998. During this time, Tecolote has supported more than 70 separate tasks involving cost, schedule, and earned value management support. This experience covers 13 PMAs and the NAVAIR Corporate Business Office (CBO), and crosses each PEO within NAVAIR. Tecolote has performed on more than 680 contracts and supported more than 2,600 separate deliver orders for clients from all areas of the Government, including the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Air Force, DoD, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

    • The Prometheus Company Inc., a Veteran-Owned Small Business, has long-standing experience providing business financial management support, accounting services, and program/technical/administration management support within the competency and program office environments, supporting both domestic and international functions

    • The Volel Consulting Group, a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB), is a management, strategy, and technology consulting startup firm with experience supporting complex programs within the FAA.

    • VT Aepco, Pre-eminent provider of engineering, technical, logistical, and programmatic and financial management support services to U.S. Military acquisition programs. Relative to the U.S. Navy, they currently serve the Program Office for Naval Special Warfare ("PMS NSW" or PMS 340), several NAVSEA directorates, and nearly every directorate within the Program Executive Office for Integrated Warfare Systems (PEO IWS). VT Aepco's U.S. operations, headquartered in Gaithersburg, MD, employ personnel across multiple field offices and operating locations. Their diverse client base also includes DoD, NATO, and the U.S. Congress. Their reputation for quality service stems from careful attention to client needs, a team of highly skilled and educated professionals, and an absolute commitment to excellence. VT Aepco maintains multiple CONUS facilities.

    • VT Milcom, Currently one of the Navy's largest C4ISR and C4IT system engineering contractors. They have a critical understanding of the interface and integration requirements of shipboard, submarine, and shore-based C4ISR and IT systems. The scope of VT Milcom's contracts includes all C4ISR, FORCEnet, and supporting systems under SPAWAR cognizance. They are an ISO-9001 registered professional and technical services large business entity providing full-spectrum engineering design and integration services for advanced systems. VT Milcom is headquartered in Virginia Beach and employs 1,000+ professional and technical personnel. Their facilities include locations in Charleston, Jacksonville, Pensacola, Groton, San Diego, Honolulu, and a fabrication plant in Chesapeake, VA.

  3. Description of Integrity Management Consulting, Inc. Quality Assurance (QA) Program:

    Integrity Management Consulting, Inc. and its subcontractor team are prepared to offer to the U. S. Navy and the Virtual SYSCOMs, as well as the Military Sealift Command and the U. S. Marine Corps, a sound quality management approach that has been rigorously tested and continuously evaluated. Certifications held by subcontractor members of the Integrity Team are indicative of our team's commitment to the application of high-standard, high-quality management enhancements. They include: ISO-9001, Six Sigma Certified individuals, and the Software Engineering Institute's System Engineering Capability Maturity Model® (SEI SE-CMM®). These certifications are keys to maximizing quality while controlling project costs.

    Integrity has a proven record in developing and facilitating quality solutions for Government customers. In the execution and management of SeaPort-e task orders (TO), Integrity will employ the proven structured quality management approach currently used across the entire portfolio of our government business. Quality is a top priority in every facet of our service delivery. Integrity measures quality service not only in terms of prescribed standards, but also by whether we meet or exceed customer expectations. Quality control begins with our bid/no bid decision in the capture process. If our team believes it cannot provide the desired quality at a reasonable cost and with a schedule meeting the Government's needs, we will then make a "no bid" decision. Once a decision to bid is made our quality strategy begins. We execute the following four (4) steps in our quality process: 1) Project Definition, 2) Project Planning, 3) Project Execution and Monitoring, and 4) Project Closeout.

    • Project Definition: Once a bid decision is made, then we carefully review the requirements by developing a work breakdown structure (WBS), realistically estimating hours, and define individual work packages. From the WBS we are able to assess cost, performance, and schedule requirements. In addition, we examine the skills and experience necessary to perform. This is done to ensure we assign quality personnel.
    • Project Planning. Project planning ensures we translate the WBS into a project schedule. Through the use of the WBS and an appropriate scheduling tool, Integrity can identify 'work to be completed' and match it against 'resources required to complete the work defined.' Once the project plan has defined work and resources required then a Project Plan is developed. The Project Plan can be priced and then incorporated into the proposal development process which is then submitted for government review.
    • Program Execution and Monitoring. If awarded a TO, the Project Plan (with any modifications negotiated prior to TO award) becomes the performance baseline for schedule, resources, deliverables, and cost. TO Leaders are accountable to manage progress against the project baseline. We perform a number of periodic time and cost monitoring procedures throughout the TO duration. Deliverables and schedules are closely managed and independently reviewed at progressively higher levels of authority. In addition, we closely supervise staff and monitor performance. If the quality of a process, deliverable, or employee performance is identified to be below expected levels, the TO Leader is responsible to identify and execute remediation.
    • Project Closeout. Once the TO is completed the deliverables, lessons learned, and feedback are collected and results documented. We solicit input from our customers, subcontractors, and employees to provide continuous improvement in the quality system. These results are then documented in our existing procedures and implemented on future projects.

    In the Integrity QA management philosophy, "problems" can be considered analogous to "risks" and treated similarly. They both represent potential threats to quality performance. Integrity utilizes a five-step problem resolution and risk management process that provides a means for: 1) tailoring the overall problem resolution and risk mitigation process to suit project needs; 2) identifying and characterizing problems and risks; 3) assessing and prioritizing problems and risks; 4) solving problems and/or mitigating risks; and 5) tracking and evaluating problem solutions, risk mitigation measures, and process performance. In our approach, our task order leadership personnel oversee the problem resolution and risk management processes and apply necessary resources towards ensuring quality and mitigating project problems and/or risks where appropriate.

  4. Copy of Each Task Order Received: None yet received