Support to COR’s Reduces TSA Backlog & Improves Compliance/Tracking


Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Office of Security Capabilities, Business Operations Division


The customer wanted to bolster the ongoing level of support to its 50+ Contracting Officer Representatives (COR's) beyond PR package routing, deliverable and funds tracking, and COR binder compliance. The new service offerings include acquisition planning, PR package documentation, and closeout activities. It also required urgent support to address a significant backlog in BPA procurements of furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) for 450+ federalized airports.


As a sub-contractor, Integrity helped develop a new COR Support paradigm with the client, focusing on team-wide execution versus individual support assigned by the program office. Integrity was a dedicated resource to the furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) ordering process; utilizing three separate IT systems to receive airport requests, placing orders with vendors, and closeout after delivery/receipt. Additionally, Integrity ensured COR binder compliance in preparation for audits by the TSA Office of Acquisition, including the upload of nearly 1,000 contract documents in backlog.


  • Almost all backlogs for COR binders have been made current
  • Doubled support to CORs over predecessor
  • Implemented improved tools for CDRL tracking and invoice/funds tracking to ensure the integrity of contractor billing. Reduced backlog of FF&E orders from approximately 50% to zero. All orders overdue for closeout have been made current
  • Leveraged prior experience with DHS client to support TSA client in developing a comprehensive COR Support portal on the SharePoint environment