Why this conversation

Most blogs begin with “About Us.” This blog does not, because it is meant to be about you. Insights and points of view expressed here center on the challenges you, our federal customers, face to accomplish your missions in acquisition and program management.

There is an urgent need for innovative ideas to compensate for decreasing budgets, reduced headcount, and increasing oversight affecting federal programs. This trend will continue. We embrace those challenges.

Integrity Matters features the ideas of our senior experts who have decades of government and industry experience doing the hard work to deliver promised outcomes. We know about the guidelines you follow and the deadlines you face each day. We’ll analyze trends and discuss government contracting models that work well and those that should be rethought. From acquisition, to program management, to better business cases, we’ll tackle the issues.

The matters of government are what matter to Integrity. So talk to us, or talk back to us. Agree or disagree with us please. We will listen and respond. We welcome any robust conversation that leads to better service and better outcomes for our government partners.