Fear of the FAR – Is It Getting in the Way of Doing Business?

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Do 1,883 pages of Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), comprised of 53 different Parts, dozens of forms, and a correction page feel like something to be feared? Does it keep you from buying what you need to support your agency? Many government decision-makers look at the FAR as a significant obstacle to their acquisitions, but at […]

Three MORE Things to Consider When Choosing Contract Types

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The original implementation of DoD’s “Better Buying Power” initiative heavily promoted the use of Firm Fixed Price (FFP) contract types.  Many federal agencies adopted this approach with the intent to control costs and limit the Government’s risk exposure on acquisitions.  This does not remove risk from the acquisition itself, and may not even reduce it.  […]

Why Your Program Should Tackle Risk Head On

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Being “risk-averse” often means trying to completely eliminate risk, which is counter-productive and often impossible.  Good managers embrace risk.  Why? Because they know that setting up a proper risk management program up front can ultimately save time, money, and avoid potentially serious program execution problems.  Think of it as building “sweat equity” into the investment. […]