Can Reverse Auctions Move Your Contracting Process Forward?

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Reverse auctions, a relatively new contracting method used by the government to procure a variety of good and services where the price is the main factor, has caused much debate and provoked heavy criticism among contracting professionals in the last few years. Some believe that reverse auctions are an excellent method to streamline the procurement […]

5 Steps to a Successful “Lessons Learned” Process

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Integrity Management Consulting and GovLoop collaborated on a 12-part series called “Conscientious Contracting: A Thoughtful Approach to Acquisition and Program Management,” as well as a 25-page acquisition guide.  Both feature the expertise of acquisition professionals and Integrity subject matter experts. GovLoop’s Andrew Krzmarzick, writes about making Lessons Learned a critical part of your organization’s success. In our 25-page guide titled, “Addressing […]