Do CORs Matter in Your Agency? Why They Should

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Picture the acquisition process flow as a wheel.  Around the wheel are the pre-award and award process, contract management and finally the contract close-out. Because Contracting Officer’s Representatives (CORs) may be involved in all aspects of the acquisition cycle, they operate as the linchpin that holds it all together. What would happen if you pulled […]

Why Your Program Should Tackle Risk Head On

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Being “risk-averse” often means trying to completely eliminate risk, which is counter-productive and often impossible.  Good managers embrace risk.  Why? Because they know that setting up a proper risk management program up front can ultimately save time, money, and avoid potentially serious program execution problems.  Think of it as building “sweat equity” into the investment. […]

Why Federal Contracting Should Be More Like Made-From-Scratch vs. Store-Bought Cookies

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Integrity Management Consulting and GovLoop are proud to present a 12-part series called “Conscientious Contracting: A Thoughtful Approach to Acquisition and Program Management,” that aims to address common challenges and achieve new efficiencies in government procurement.  Integrity Matters will bring you occasional posts written by GovLoop’s Andrew Krzmarzick, featuring the expertise of Integrity subject matter experts. It’s […]

Performance Based Budgeting – Is it just another buzzword?

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Recently the US Chief Information Officer (CIO) Steven Van Roekel (@stevenvdc) has been discussing the Federal Information Technology FY 2014 Budget Priorities on social media such as Twitter and elsewhere. In his budget priorities presentation, he discusses the shift towards Performance Based Budgeting (PBB). So what exactly is PBB? Sounds like a great buzzword, right? […]