Best Value or LPTA? One Size Does Not Fit All in Acquisition

not every acquisition needs the same approach

Sound familiar? A complex professional service contract is awarded using the LPTA approach… costs millions more than expected. A recurring supply of widgets or routine services is obtained using a Best Value approach.  The delivery is delayed months and when combined with the final price of the contract…..results in avoidable costs of millions. The lesson:  […]

Smoother Acquisition Sailing – An Argument for Increased Communication

ship in port

On a trip to San Diego I watched a Navy destroyer slip quietly under the Coronado Bridge.  I remembered a phrase I’ve repeated many times throughout my career as a procurement leader and manager:  “Don’t try to dial up an aircraft carrier in port to the perfect position.  Just get it steaming in the right […]

Can Time Limits Improve Acquisition Documentation?

time limits calendar

I believe there’s a truism in acquisition: the work’s not done until the paperwork is finished.  How many of you have tried to get an acquisition through the approval process only to be stymied because some of the critical Acquisition Documentation was not up to date or was missing completely? As one who teaches acquisition […]

New Certifications Could Help Ease Acquisition Shortfall

ICCM-D logo

With the number of certified and experienced federal acquisition professionals expected to drop in 2013, two new certifications could help industry fill the gap.  Here’s my take on the DAWIA/FAC-C Certification equivalents for people looking to expand their skills.