What Social Media Can Teach Us about Government/Industry Exchange

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Two years into the “Myth-Busters” campaign by the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP), there is still a long way to go to improve information exchange between government and industry. How quickly can the federal government change its traditional ways of engaging, and what can we learn from popular social media platforms such as Facebook […]

Making Performance Based Service Acquisition Work for You

Can performance based contracts work in sports and government?

Professional sports have successfully used Performance Based Contracting.  Baseball players get bonuses for such things as making the all-star team, or winning so many games as a pitcher.  Football players sometimes have a contract bonus tied to the number of offensive or defensive plays in which they participate. Can the Federal Government have similar success […]

What I’m Thankful for in Small Business

Integrity Staff Share a Thanksgiving Meal

  During the Thanksgiving holiday many of us sit down with family and friends to celebrate and reflect on all that we have to be grateful for.  We did just that here at our headquarters, enjoying each other’s company and fine food at a potluck lunch. It got me to thinking about how much I […]

Program Management in an Era of Tight Budgets – How Strategic Sourcing Could Loosen the Squeeze

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For a better part of twelve years the federal budget has been pretty ample and programs were free to operate in a much more flexible environment. “Supplemental” allotments of funding were in large supply at the Department of Defense (DoD). Then the faucet began to close as the wars have begun to wind down and […]

Take the Acquisition Program Assessment Plunge! How a deep dive review can lead you to program gold.


Routine monitoring of your acquisition program is important but is it enough to prevent problems that could damage your mission?  Conducting a program assessment can reveal insights on a program’s health that will not only lead to a better outcome, but could also improve other programs and the organization as a whole.

My Top Government Contract Career Advice – Get Your Certifications!

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I have many friends and colleagues in the Federal Government and the industry that supports it.  Just like in any field, they’re always thinking about how to make the most of their career.  When I was asked to be a panelist at the Government Contract Management Conference (GCMC) Career Fair, I thought about what would […]

How Basic Agreements & Better Supplier Relationships Save Money – Download a Readiness Checklist

basic agreements are like a baseball diamond

America’s national pastime just wrapped up with the San Francisco Giants sweeping the Tigers in the World Series.  As I was preparing to speak at the NCMA Government Contract Management Conference (GCMC) on Supplier Relationships and Basic Agreements, I was struck with a baseball analogy to explain the power of these little-used Agreements:What if Giant Gregor Blanco’s […]

The Five W’s of Alpha Contracting

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If you’re interested in a different contracting technique that can save time, increase trust and improve communication, then check out my five W’s of Alpha Contracting.  

Why Integrity Matters

Integrity is like a boat.
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Welcome to our new Integrity Matters blog. We want this to be a forum to share best practices and the latest thinking on acquisition and program management. We hope you will join in the conversation. Look for blog posts from our team of experienced Fellows and company leaders on everything from austerity to oversight to […]